Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lipstick Sketch

Some days subjects come very easy for my blog and then another day there is a struggle between my brain and other things that are going on in my day. Today was one of those days until a couple of things happened.

As many of you know I do have a number of Squidoo Lenses that are listed on my Lens Masters page. I was invited to join the Everything Photography Lenses today, which I did and thank Janet for asking me, as it should be a lot of fun at the same time a learning experience with how it all works. Have a look here and Meet the Group master’s page to see more on this Group.

The second thing that happened today was coming across this sketch when hunting down my sketching books in readiness for my holiday later next week. Yup it is my lipstick that was retrieved one evening from a pocket on my handbag while working as artist in residence at Wilpena Pound. The sketch isn’t what I consider finished though have no intentions of doing anymore work with it.

I just remembered! Who has the January 2007 issue of the Australian Artist? On page 50 there is Works in Progress (WIP’s) using mechanical pencils by a very talented young artist. Her name is Tanya Anchugov. If you don’t have the Australian Artist magazine you are in luck as Tanya also has a website called Elaborate Art.

Ok time for me to post this then head off for my evening walk before I think of something else to add. twisted

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