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Welcome to the January 8 2007 edition of Arts and Stuff Carnival.

Welcome to the January 8, 2007 edition of Arts and Stuff Carnival!

Admittedly when signing up to the Blog Carnival early December it had me scratching my head as to how it all worked. My first edition was back on the 4th of December 2006 and as it was a tentative test, I posted my own story without advertising it here. This edition today is what I consider is a new journey of being a serious Carnival blogger that will be posted once per month. As more stories are submitted I may consider posting editions more often.

Very interesting!
What caught me unaware was how many submitted to my carnival before even posting my next addition date

What caught me unaware was how many submitted to my carnival before even posting my next addition date. Even though the stories were excellent they didn’t all fall into the category of what my carnival is about. In saying this I did come up with an idea of picking the best post for unrelated story for "fine art" to add at the end of my edition. Please be aware that all information provide by the authors has not been researched further by myself and is up to you to take the information as true or false.

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Art Creativity

Laura Young presents Are you Creative? Developing Your Creativity, Part 1 posted at Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life.
This article is the first in a series that has been featured in the book: A Guide to Getting It: Creative Intelligence.

Teaching Art

Nick Franklin presents Amateur Illustrator : Community of Illustrators posted at
The story I want to create is centered around the terrible subject of cancer. I don’t want to be morbid in my tale, but I definitely want to portray the seriousness this disease represents (hopefully in a non-intimidating manner). This way children and parents could read this together and potentially gain some insight from my experiences. I do not want to teach a lesson, or preach to anyone.

Nick Franklin presents Amateur Illustrator : Community of Illustrators posted at
Nina Paley’s career began in 1988 with her self-syndicated comic strip, Nina’s Adventures, which appeared in several alternative newspapers and two paperback collections, Depression is Fun and Nina’s Adventures.

Nick Franklin presents Amateur Illustrator : Community of Illustrators posted at
In this lesson we are going to look at some elements of good character design. This is not a drawing tutorial. This lesson illustrates principles that are the building blocks of good character design. Understanding them will help you in developing a process of good design in which drawing is only the last step.
I divided this lesson into two phases: the conceptualizations phase that deals with understanding your character and the realizations phase which deals with bringing it to life.

Show us your Art
D.A.N. presents Untitled Black & White Photo Gallery - Abstract and Artistic Photos posted at Sights & Sounds from the Fifth Column - Music, Art, Articles & More.
This photo series is a set that I took while in my first year of college for an artistic photography class. I don’t take a lot of photos but for some reason this set of 17 continues to have some of my favorite pictures.

Best Post for Unrelated Story to "Fine Art"

Amanda presents ChaCha: World's Worst Search Site posted at Take A Five Minute Break, Then Relax.
The worst idea of a search site to ever cross my path. Certainly this could be useful to those who couldn't turn on a computer, much less search for something simple on the Internet. ChaCha is Indiana's idea of a cruel joke. You use real live guides to help you search for whatever it is you don't know how to go Google yourself for.

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