Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sketch of Grapes

For some reason the internet connection to my home is timing out constantly over the last few days. It has happened in the past with the problem improving on its own accord. Our very old and tired underground telephone lines do not help matters and it is hoped that sometime soon the area I live in will catch up with the more populated areas who enjoy a more reliable internet at much higher speeds.

On a much happier note; at the moment my local supermarket is suppling very cheap seedless grapes. Before gobbling these succulent orbs up a quick sketch was the order of the day and once completed ..... oh what a sweet flavour the grapes did have. biggrin

it isn't working!

With my commissioned oil paintings finished I decided to dig out a pastel that was started a few months ago. Putting it on my easel I am hoping my inspiration to paint it in the first place will return to me so that the work can be completed. So far it isn't working! Maybe laying my pastels out tomorrow will do the trick with a post tomorrow telling all about it.

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mrana said...

Lovely drawing of the grapes, quite beautiful.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks mrana, they tasted very nice as well. :D

Maria & Stefano said...

Great job...I really love the grapes...:)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for visiting Maria & Stefano.

Maria & Stefano said...

My pleasure and if you don't mind I'll link...I like it here:)
Thanks for stopping by at my "place" as well hehehe come by anytime you're always welcome:)

Susan Borgas said...

Maria I have added you to my bookmarks. Best of luck with your plans, I will be back to see how it is all going.